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The Queen Edith's Community Forum is the neighbourhood association for the Queen Edith's area of Cambridge. We organise and facilitate a range of events in the community, and produce the Queen Edith's Community News publication. We also produce a weekly emailed What's On newsletter. Request your copy here.


We need your help to win a shed for Nightingale Garden.

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Local Events Guide

Everything happening in Queen Edith's that we know about.

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Queen Edith's Community News

Read the latest printed issue (Spring 2017) with links.

Transport and Roads Updates

Latest roadworks information as far as we can tell!

Capturing Our History

More about the Queen Edith's involvement in this project.

Queen Edith's In Bloom

Supporting the green spaces in the area and groups involved with them, including the Nightingale Garden.

Queen Edith's Active & Connected

Promoting ways for our neighbourhood to get moving but also connect with people and nature. Lists of groups, regular events and places to meet up.

County Council Election 2017 Hustings

Video and audio of the candidates to be out next County Councillor

Queen Edith's Beyond 2016

Information about the development coming this way and how it could impact the community.

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Video of the presentation by Simon King to local residents.

Queen Edith's Abundance

Encouraging people to 'swap and share' fresh fruit, veg, flowers and herbs - and things made from them.

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