County Council Boundary Changes
(Queen Edith’s area)
Please note the Queen Edith's Community Forum has compiled this to the best of our ability from Boundary Commission information. Please check your Polling Card for confirmation of the division where you reside. The allocations below apply to the County Council only, not the City Council.
Was in Cherry Hinton, now in Queen Edith’s

Blenheim Close

Glenacre Close

Greystoke Road

Lime Kiln Road

Queen Edith's Way (200-283)

Ventress Farm Court

Was in Cherry Hinton, remains in Cherry Hinton

Baycliffe Close

Bosworth Road

Carrick Close

Cherry Hinton Road (437-476)

Glenmere Close

Rothleigh Road

Was in Coleridge, now in Cherry Hinton

Bullen Close

Cherry Hinton Road (334-403)

Mistleton Court

Was in Coleridge, now in Queen Edith’s

Cherry Hinton Road (1-324)

Clifton Road (1-8)

Clifton Way

Coniston Road

Cowper Road

Derby Road

Homerton Street

Lichfield Road

Lilac Court

Neville Road

St Margaret's Square

The Marque

Was in Queen Edith’s, now in Trumpington

Adrian Way

Corfe Close

Hills Road (even numbers 170-302)

Long Road (1-51)

Luard Close

Luard Road

Puddicombe Way

Purbeck Road

Robinson Way

Sedley Taylor Road

Still in Queen Edith’s (no change)

Almoners Avenue

Alwyne Road

Babraham Road

Baldock Way

Beaumont Crescent

Beaumont Road

Blinco Grove

Bowers Croft

Cavendish Avenue

Chalk Grove

Courtland Avenue

Dean Drive

Edendale Close

Elsworth Place

Fendon Close

Fendon Road

Field Way

Glebe Road

Godwin Close

Godwin Way


Gunhild Close

Gunhild Court

Gunhild Way

Harrison Drive

Hartington Grove

Heron's Close

Hills Avenue

Hills Road (odd numbers 151-355)

Hinton Avenue

Holbrook Road

Hulatt Road

Kinnaird Way

Knightly Avenue

Magnolia Close

Mander Way

Maners Way

Marshall Road

Mowbray Road

Netherhall Way

Nightingale Avenue

Rathmore Close

Rathmore Road

Red Cross Lane

Rock Road

Rotherwick Way

Spalding Way

Stansgate Avenue

Strangeways Road

Templemore Close

Tillyard Way

Topcliffe Way

Urwin Gardens

Vawser Way

Ventress Close

Wort's Causeway

Wulfstan Way