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Queen Edith’s Abundance

The community-led project to encouraged more people in Cambridge to ‘swap and share’ fresh fruit and veg and long-life preserves. This started in 2014 as Rock Abundance because it had events at Rock Road Library and Rock Allotments in Cambridge, both of which are in the Queen Edith’s area – but we did stalls across Cambridge.

We did three events in 2018, same as in 2017:

  • QE Abundance at the Library – Saturday 28 July 2018, Rock Road Library garden.
  • QE Abundance in the garden – Sunday 19 August 2018, Nightingale Garden, Nightingale Park, Nightingale Avenue. This was during the regular garden volunteering session.
  • QE Abundance at the QE Share Fair, Saturday 8 September 2018, Wulfstan Way Shops.

In 2019, Rebecca and Julian are retiring from leading abundance stalls – we think we will just continue to encourage people to share gluts at the Sunday and Monday afternoon gardening sessions at Nightingale community garden. But there is plenty of opportunity for others to step-up and do them for their own groups and communities.

Last updated: 15 September 2018

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