Cambridge City Councillor Election: 2 May 2024

Elections are due to take place in Cambridge on Thursday 2 May 2024. Here are the City Councillor for Queen Edith’s Candidates.

On Thursday 2 May 2024, the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) will be elected, as well as 14 of the 42 seats on Cambridge City Council, including a councillor for Queen Edith’s. Full voting information is available here.

Cambridge City Councillor election for Queen Edith’s: the Candidates

Eric Barrett-Payton

I’m proud to be standing this year as your Conservative candidate for Queen Edith’s ward. I’ve lived in South Cambridge for decades on Greystoke Road, and many, many years ago was fortunate enough to represent parts of modern day Queen Edith’s as your councillor. I hope this year to be given that opportunity again.

I’m standing for the Conservatives to offer residents a real choice. Labour and the Lib Dems aren’t listening to many residents of our community. They backed the Congestion Charge – now they are supporting the Labour Mayor’s road charging plans across Cambridgeshire. Their road reclassification plans, if pursued, would see dozens of roads closed across our city, adding to the traffic chaos that their poor management of roadworks has caused.

As your councillor, I’d make keeping driving free my top priority, whilst working to find genuine travel alternatives like light rail for our city. I’ll also work with the police to tackle crime anti-social behaviour and keep our family-friendly community as safe as possible. I’ll hold the council to account for their decisions, such as raising council rents whilst wasting £20 million renovating their own offices. Above all, I will be a strong voice for Queen Edith’s ward working within a small but dedicated Conservative team to stand up for residents – not ideological interests.

The Conservative Party

Immy Blackburn-Horgan

I visited Cambridge from 2001, so positive as when I struggled through education with a range of disabilities, Sir Colin Humphries took me under his wing encouraging me into STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics). I arrived as a resident after a year in Berlin, working full-time, whilst volunteering with refugees to improve their English, doing food drops to the homeless, with weekends spent volunteering at international cultural festivals.

Coming to Queen Edith’s I met and was inspired by the teams at QE Community Forum and Nightingale Garden, volunteering for them whilst seeing job opportunities at the NHS. I work full time in the Labs, completed a Degree whilst working and achieved Biomedical Scientist status.

Over the last 5 years I have immersed myself in the local community. Setting up a Neighbourhood Watch, tackling anti-social behaviour, also creating a Residents Association. With local children/young people setting up an informal Children’s Committee, establishing notice boards, mini community garden/orchard, creating a positive focal point for those living locally.

I volunteer with the Police as a Cadet Leader, undertaking safeguarding duties, carrying out trading standards/civic events. I have volunteered with QE churches on homeless projects, community cafes, children’s holiday clubs. The Council recruited me to remove fly tipping/littering as well as QECF roped me in to Skip Days (ran my own) and to clear up/green up Joy’s garden (as was).

I have been busy with constituent issues from planning, licencing, roads/potholes, traffic and pollution/noise, flytipping/littering/waste, housing repairs, antisocial behaviours, Speedwatch reducing speeding vehicles on our roads, safer schools bids, HMOs, promoting our new pavilion, supporting grant applications, supporting biodiversity projects, meeting with CBC and CUH Governors to attempt to create a better dialogue to raise residents issues around growth.

I can give you several examples of issues, where it is advantageous for Queen Edith’s that I work with my Lib Dem colleagues to argue together on the council – for things like more skip days to avoid fly tipping, encouraging more responsible use of e-scooters, improving the poor performance of council house maintenance, re-instating the cutbacks in environmental enforcement officers, to ask the Council to support the police bid for acoustic cameras.

I do not see myself as a politician in the narrow sense of the word, more a local community champion getting things done on the ground, see our newsletters for updates.

Liberal Democrats

Oli Fisher

Ex-Parish Councillor for Teversham, and long-term South Cambridgeshire resident, Oliver has lived and worked in South Cambridgeshire for over 15 years. He is very passionate about tackling issues that impact our city and community. As a Parish Councillor in Teversham for 9 years, Oliver has experience working in local government and understands the effort needed to achieve results and the importance of collaborating with others.

He believes that we face many big challenges in Cambridge and that he can offer a lot to help us find a fair and sustainable way forward.

Green Party

Beth Gardiner-Smith

I’m Beth and I’m the Labour Party candidate for Queen Edith’s. Queen Edith’s is my home and as a local parent and lifelong campaigner you can trust me to represent our community’s interests.

I’ve spent my career working with communities to improve people’s lives, founding and leading an award-winning charity working with child refugees in the UK and across Europe. If elected to the city council I will champion the issues that matter to Queen Edith’s residents.

I know many families are struggling with the cost of living at the moment, and I will work hard to make sure people can access extra help that’s available and support the brilliant local groups who are reaching those most in need.

As a parent with a child in a local school, I will champion our fantastic schools, advocate with parents to improve SEND provision, work with the council to improve road safety, and work alongside the police, schools and community groups to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Our Labour council have built more council houses than almost any other council in England, but we also need to tackle poor quality housing in the private rental sector, including Houses in Multiple Occupation and promote affordable housing.

Finally, I started my career writing environmental policy and whether it’s in our local parks and allotments, or our valuable chalk streams here in Queen Edith’s, I will speak up for sustainability including holding developers accountable, and supporting our council’s progress to net zero by 2030.

Labour Party