Cornford House Vaccination Volunteering ends with smiles

At the start of the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme in January, Cornford House Surgery on Cherry Hinton Road was chosen as the local centre to bring vaccinations as close as possible to residents in the area. After more than 30 vaccination days spread over 21 weeks, the hugely successful operation came to a close this week, having given well over 20,000 vaccinations.

In one of the largest volunteering exercises ever seen in the area, over 150 local residents turned up to the sessions, rain or shine, to welcome and sign in visitors, organise the car parking and staff the observation tent when required. More than 200 people had initially offered their time for the service. It’s estimated that between them, the volunteers provided well over 2,500 hours of unpaid work.

After the last vaccination morning on Wednesday 9 June, the final session volunteers joined staff from the surgery for a toast and some cake in the sunshine. Dr Cathy Bennett, Clinical Director of Cambridge City 4 Primary Care Network, thanked the volunteers for their efforts, although as one volunteer remarked: “It’s been so satisfying to get involved in something like this, I almost think that we should be thanking them!”

In the meantime, vaccinations continue at other centres such as Cherry Hinton.

Dr Bennett ensures the cake is in good care

Staff sticking to the non-alcoholic toast!

Volunteers from the final shift

Celebration cake made by Dawn, one of the regular volunteers