Donate to the Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub

This page is for financial donations. For food donations, click here.

Open every Saturday morning at St James Church on Wulfstan Way, The Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub is a project first organised by volunteers during the 2020 public health crisis.

Supported by local residents and approved by the City Council, it is a facility for anyone in the area who is having difficulty sourcing food, whether for financial, social or physical reasons.

Most of our food hub visitors come from the CB1 7, CB1 8 and CB1 9 postcode areas. These are our neighbours, and with your help, the Food Hub can support them.

The Community Food Hub team is able to source fruit, vegetables and many other items at wholesale prices. For example, £9.25 can provide 6kg of rice for distribution; £10 can provide 36 tins of baked beans; £25 buys 20kg of bananas; and £42 buys 30 boxes of eggs.

There are no administrative or other charges, so 100% of what we receive buys produce directly. We are not charged for donations made by bank transfer, while credit or debit card donations leave us with a small fee.

  1. Donate via bank transfer

    Please email us at and ask for our bank details.

  2. Donate with a credit or debit card

    Click here to visit our online donations page.

  3. Donate via cheque

    Please make your cheque payable to “Queen Ediths Community Forum” and post it to:
    Queen Ediths Community Forum
    301 Hills Road
    Cambridge CB2 0QS

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


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