General Election 2019 – the South Cambs Hustings in Queen Edith’s

For the 2019 General Election, the Queen Edith’s Community Forum teamed up with the students of Homerton College to run a ‘hustings’ or meet the candidates event.

Over 100 people packed the main auditorium at Homerton College on 21 November 2019 to hear the three parliamentary candidates for South Cambridgeshire at the forthcoming general election: Anthony Browne (Conservatives), Dan Greef (Labour) and Ian Sollom (Liberal Democrats). Each of them set out their personal – and their parties’ – policies and took questions from the audience.

You can hear an audio recording of the evening below – it’s split into sections in case you’d just like to listen to certain bits. If you’re short on time, do listen to the opening and closing statements!

The first voice you will hear is that of our own Sam Davies…

Opening Statements (9:43)

Questions (Part 1) (48:30)

Questions (Part 2) (26:28)

Questions (Part 3) (17:37)

Closing Statements (6:12)

After the event, as is our tradition, we ran our ‘bean poll’, where the audience was asked to put a bean in a pot indicating their views after the evening. As usual, the pot with the most beans was “I already knew who I was going to vote for and haven’t changed my mind”, with 54%. However, the more interesting pots stacked up as follows:

  • “I didn’t know who I was going to vote for before tonight and I’m still not sure”: 22%
  • “I didn’t know who I was going to vote for before tonight but I do now”: 16%
  • “I thought I knew who I was going to vote for before tonight but I think I’ve changed my mind”: 8%

Our thanks to the Homerton Union of Students for hosting the event and for all their organisation.

(note: the audio recording is also available on YouTube here)