Hobson’s Brook Bioblitz


On 10th and 11th June 2017 the inaugural Hobson’s Brook Bioblitz took place at two separate sites, Nine Wells Local Nature Reserve near Great Shelford and Empty Common, near the Botanic Garden in Cambridge. Forty experts and volunteers ran identification sessions at the two sites, recording more than 300 species of plants, mammals, birds, bats, fish, freshwater invertebrates, moths and other insects. More than two hundred people participated in the event.

On 8th and 9th June 2018 the Bioblitz was held at Hobson’s Park, Trumpington, which was created from former agricultural land, and borders Hobson’s Brook and a development of new-build housing. A dozen experts and volunteers ran hour-long identification sessions and guided walks at the site. More than a hundred people participated in the event and recorded over 200 species of birds, bats, moths, plants, mammals, and freshwater creatures.

In 2019 the third Bioblitz was held on 7th and 8th June at Clare College Playing Field. A full report can be read above. A summary of the species identified (Birds 36, Mammals 8, Fish 1, Invertebrates 71 and Plants 89) can be read here.

Each Bioblitz has clearly demonstrated the biodiversity of green spaces close to the built environment, and shows the importance of the Hobson’s Brook ‘green corridor’ in preserving wildlife in the City of Cambridge. Maintaining a strong flow of high quality water in Hobson’s Brook is clearly essential for the continued success of these ecosystems, which offer considerable benefits to the people that live close by.

Dr Steve Boreham – Bioblitz Science Co-ordinator

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