Greener Living in Queen Edith’s

We’ve been asking the Queen Edith’s community for ideas on how to live more sustainably, impacting our environment in a positive way. Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know via this form.

Inside our homes

What we can do individuallyWhat we can do with our neighbours
e.g. Composting at homee.g. Club together with your neighbours to buy solar panels for a price reduction:
e.g. Repair and adjust clothes and furniture.  Keep an eye out for Repair Cafés to helpFind somewhere to plant a tiny forest
e.g. If you have made too much food you can always advertise spare portions on Life is a gift | Cambridge CityLocal neighbourhood solar generation
e.g. Use a watering can rather than hose to water gardenPress planners to ensure that maximum use can be made of solar panels by orienting houses appropriately
Mending objects that are broken rather than binning them
As you wait for hot water, run the tap into a container and save water for growing herbs etc
Eat more good stuff so you don’t have room for the bad stuff
Eat local produce
Share sewing and mending skills
Reduce the water you use
Collection of tetra packs and crisp packets –  Perne Road  Co-op does now collect tetra packs
Promote recycling of items through the Queen Edith’s News newsletter e.g. one example a week
Everyone use Bokashi boxes
Got any more ideas? Let us have them here!

In our gardens

What we can do individuallyWhat we can do with our neighbours
e.g. If you have fruit trees that are more abundant than you can eat, put a box of windfalls outside your housee.g Match with people who do not have gardens but would like to do gardening.

Is this a Facebook page? Or a QECF service?

e.g. Plant insect friendly plantsBug hotels
e.g. Don’t mow your lawn too often to let insects, worms etc make the most of the grass and weedsCommunity initiative to get everyone to use water butts
e.g. Make your garden hedgehog friendly, including making a log pile and a hedgehog gateShare produce
Buy peat free compostEncourage keyhole gardens
Buy plants that can survive dry conditionsOrganize community hedgehog pathways
Encourage more to home compost
Use green waste – free from Waterbeach Amey site [???]
Make front drive into a garden
Have chickens or a greenhouse in back garden
Grow plants that are best for butterflies
Have a water butt
Plant a tapestry lawn
Recycle more
Got any more ideas? Let us have them here!

On our streets

What we can do individuallyWhat we can do with our neighbours
e.g. Next time you buy a car replace it with an electric carPick up litter
e.g. Water trees on vergesFendon road – plant back 2 trees that have been taken our

And put plants in the space next to the roundabout where plants used to be but cut out the city council

e.g. buy a litter pick and pick up litterSpeed limit of 20mph everywhere – and police it!
Cargo bike hire schemePlant more trees
e-cargo bike?LED street lights.  Lights that turn off when there is no movement – this will protect the moths
Car share / Zip
Plant more pollinators on the street
Charging points needed for cars
More cycle lanes and bike parking
Clear gutters of weedsProtect our green spaces.  No more parking spaces.
Litter pick with uniformed groups (scouts/ guides)No mobile mast on wulfstan way green – masts should be set back from road and obscured by plants
Plant bee friendly flowers/ plants along the road
Identify space for trees or greenery
Got any more ideas? Let us have them here!

In our public spaces

We all have a responsibility to maintain our public spaces and also to push for them to be maintained by the council.

What we can do individuallyWhat we can do with our neighbours
e.g. Take a litter picker with you on a walk and collect litter as you go.  They can cost just a few pounds. 

You could also take up Plogging … running and litter picking at the same time!

e.g. Develop a project about increasing the green space in your local school, church or work place.

Grants are sometimes available

Please only cut the green verges once a yearInsist on solar panels and energy efficient heaters/ boilers
Wild flower vergesRepair cafe
Café and toilets in Nightingale Park – from another respondent – yes please this would be great for hospital visitors tooDefibrillator available outside of surgery hours
Mobile café/ coffee etc in parks/ ice cream in summerTool library
The QECF to find a meeting spaceFriendship café – maybe an hour before the litter pick
Item of the week to be recycled in the QECF newsletterSkills swap
Plant more fruit treesIdentify subject experts in QE who can respond to developments and consultations e.g. water management
Look for funds from the council environmental improvement.
Get shops to maintain pavements
Got any more ideas? Let us have them here!Local recycling points so we don’t have to drive to Milton

At the shops

The starting point for greener shopping is to reuse, reduce and recycle.  There are a number of initiatives in Queen Edith’s that can support you to do this.

What we can do individuallyWhat we can do with our neighbours
e.g. As part of the Food Hub QECF also have a collection of clothes, toys, DVDs and small household goods for people who need them. 


Therefore if you have good quality items to donate email hello@queen–

Council change policy of only allowing one type of shop (food/ hairdresser/ café).  We need more variety!
e.g. get your fruit and veg delivered by one of the local box companiesPull shops out extra 1.5m. so fit for modern retail [???]
More local shops and more local food shopsRepair cafes with transition Cambridge form buttons to small electrics
Bagless shopping and bring your own containers
Don’t go anywhere near the meat counter.  Buy more veg and fruit
Make your own bread
Go to grocer and butcher
Buy spare eggs off neighbours who keep chickens
Encourage more independent shops to promote shopping locally
More community owned facilities
Got any more ideas? Let us have them here!

Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know via this form.