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Help us deliver Autumn’s “Queen Edith’s magazine” in your area

We’re hoping to publish a new edition of “Queen Edith’s magazine” to the neighbourhood this bank holiday weekend, and we need volunteers to deliver it. If you can help, read on!

UPDATE: Thanks for your help! Issue now delivered! If you’re interested in helping deliver future issues, do email us.

A new edition of our non-profit Queen Edith’s magazine will help us reach the many residents of Queen Edith’s who aren’t aware of how much goes on locally. We’ll have the copies back from the printers at the end of this week (28 August 2020).

However, we need some help delivering it, so that we can save money and put that towards worthwhile local projects instead.

Can you help us by doing some deliveries to homes near you? This should take you no more than an hour or so.

When will delivery be?

You could deliver them any time from Friday evening onwards – over the weekend would be perfect, but early the next week is fine!

How many copies will I be delivering?

We’ll provide you with around 100 copies (possibly fewer!), which should be deliverable within an hour or so, along with a list of homes to deliver to. This will be as close as possible to where you live!

What do I do now?

Let us know your name, contact details and location, and we’ll send you details of where you can pick up your copies later this week.

Can other people in my household help?

Of course! If there are other people in your household who want to join in, either let us know in the notes (all correspondence from us will then come through you), or get them to fill in the form separately.

Thank you!