Helping us deliver “Queen Edith’s magazine” in your area

A new edition of our non-profit Queen Edith’s magazine will help us reach the many residents of Queen Edith’s who aren’t aware of how much goes on locally. We’re due to have the copies back from the printers at the end of this week (16 April 2021).


We will be available at the following places for collection (no changes from last month):

  • FRIDAY 16 APRIL, 2pm to 4pm
    3 Cavendish Avenue (Hills Road end, between nos.2 and 4)
  • SATURDAY 17 APRIL, 9am to 10am
    3 Cavendish Avenue (Hills Road end, between nos.2 and 4)
  • SATURDAY 17 APRIL, 10.30am to 12noon
    St James Church, Wulfstan Way

As usual, any bundles not collected at these times for the Ninewells area will be left outside 11 Knightly Avenue from around 1pm on Saturday.

If these times are not convenient, or if you weren’t able to make it, please email us at for alternative arrangements.

Roll the credits

Thanks again to all our wonderful delivery volunteers. We literally couldn’t produce the magazine without you.

Andrew A
Carol A
Claire A
Ginny A
Marianna A
Mike A
Rahee A
Sonia A
Alan B
Alison B
Anne B
Catherine B
Elaine B
James B
Jane B
Janet B
Jill B
Kay B
Lorna B
Lynda B
Lynda B
Manfred B
Margaret B
Matthew B
Michael B
Michele B
Sally B
Susan B
Alison C
Ann C
Fran C
Jon C
Matt and Judy C
Nicola and Guy C
Pat C
Al D
Carol D
Catherine D
Frances D
Jean D
Jenny D
Joanna D
Kevin D
Sandra D
Penny  F
Anna G
Emilie G
Fiona G
Lyn G
Sandy G
Barrie H
Bridget H
Caroline H
Claire H
Elizabeth H
Ian H
Ingrid H
Katherine H
Pam H
Ruth H
Sian H
Stephanie H
Sue H
Sue H
Susie H
Anne J
Michael J
Paul J
Sally J
Anne K
John K
Katie K
Yogita K
Ardi L
Erica L
Kate L
Nigel L
Rebekah L
Bruce M
Gill M
Hilary M
Joanna M
Maria Cristina M
Deborah O
Felicity O
Anna P
Brian P
Cathy P
Eleanor P
John P
Liz P
Mark P
Nigel P
Adrian R
Alex R
Chris R
David R
Karen R
Rachel R
Sally R
Anne S
Ian S
Kit S
Marion S
Ray S
Sarah S
Vivienne S
Lindsey T
Maureen T
Hayley V
Jeroen V
David W
Diane W
Elisabeth W
Jayne W
Katalin W
Rosemary W
Stella W
Sue W