Introducing… Queen Edith’s Warm Welcome

The Queen Edith’s Warm Welcome programme is for anyone looking for a warm space, refreshments or just some companionship through the winter.

Everyone reading this will be aware of the mounting pressures on household budgets, particularly because of energy costs over the winter months, writes Sam Davies.

Just as happened in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Queen Edith’s Community Forum is working to support residents through information sharing and practical response.

In terms of practical response, the Queen Edith’s Warm Welcome programme is a great new initiative which we’re sure will be useful to residents across the area, whether you are looking for a warm space, refreshments or just some companionship to while away the darkest days of the winter.

We’re delighted by the way local organisations have come forward to open their doors and we hope to see lots of you at these events. Please see the weekly Queen Edith’s News for more details and updates.

Warm Welcome Events

The series has now finished, but many events continue throughout the year. Please see the weekly Queen Edith’s News for more details and updates.

Please look out for similar events elsewhere in the city. For example there are sessions in neighbouring Coleridge ward. Details here.

Money-saving information

If you’re struggling with household expenses, there’s a good introduction to the help available on the City Council website. Each section contains information about how the council can help plus links to other relevant organisations.  It covers both emergency provision (how to access fuel vouchers and emergency food parcels) and also more strategic advice. Do take a look.

We also wanted to draw your attention to the suggestions provided by Which? about ways to cut down your energy bills. These include some really simple steps – drawing curtains at dusk, using draught excluders, running washing machines and dishwashers only when they are full, and at the lowest possible temperatures – which will nevertheless make a difference to your comfort and your bills.

Finally, we think there are some good suggestions on the Money Saving Expert website about how to ‘heat the human, not the house’. Again, it’s basic stuff, but if you haven’t had to think about cutting costs before, it might give you some new ideas.