Message from Cambridge Veterinary Group, 14 April 2020

Anna Riddoch, Clinical Director at Cambridge Veterinary Group on Cherry Hinton Road, has been in touch with the following message:

“Now we know lockdown is continuing, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and British Veterinary Association have produced new guidelines for veterinary practices. This expands on seeing only urgent and emergency cases in light of the restrictions and social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“As a profession, we still need to ensure the health and welfare of animals for the long term. How veterinary practices adopt these guidelines and operate will vary, with many down to skeleton staff due to furloughing, illness and/or team splitting, as well as being busy dealing with sick patients.

“Human health and slowing the spread of Coronavirus remains the top priority, so at Cambridge Veterinary Group, where capacity allows, we are opening up what services we offer beyond urgent and emergency care, to the most at risk groups. This information is regularly updated on our social media.

“For example, we will be inviting in the most at risk patient groups for vaccines in a staged manner, whilst still observing social distancing with clients. This is under regular review as the situation develops.”

Cambridge Veterinary Group
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