Nightingale Avenue and Luard Road ‘point closures’

The long term future of the two local experimental ‘point closures’ is to be determined over the next few weeks at a series of council meetings.

The first of these, the Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership’s ‘Joint Assembly’ next week, will consider a report from council officers which recommends that the Nightingale Avenue closure is made permanent, but the Luard Road one is removed.

Comments will then be passed on to a further GCP meeting later in the month and subsequently to a County Council committee, probably in early November.

You can read the full background in this meeting document here (p.100-116). If you have comments or questions, either in support of retaining the closures or removing them, we would recommend the following:

Writing in a personal capacity, Queen Edith’s News editor Chris Rand gives more information on the Luard Road closure here.