Our Online Bookshop

During the current restrictions, the only real way to buy books is online, whether they’re for your own pleasure or for Christmas presents. But we know many people aren’t that keen on further contributing to the profits of a certain international retailer when so many independent booksellers are struggling.

There’s now an answer to this, called Bookshop. Buy your books online here, and profits go to independent booksellers as well as people who run their own ‘storefronts’ …like us!

So, visit the Queen Edith’s Community Forum branded store, order direct, and profits go straight to the Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub!

We can’t stress enough, this is the same as buying from any other online store, but the profit ends up in a better place. We bought one of this year’s bestsellers on a Tuesday, it was delivered by Royal Mail on Thursday, and £2 appeared in the Food Hub account the same day. Give it a try!

For more information about Bookshop.org, this Guardian article is worth reading.