Queen Edith’s Community Writing For All: Chapter 3

Kay Blayney reviews the second week of the Queen Edith’s Community Writing For All initiative and introduces us to a new challenge.

Kay Blayney is the former and future Writer-In-Residence at Rock Road Library.

Kay says: “Hello, everybody, welcome to week three of this community writing for all. I’m keen to call it community writing for all because it really is for everybody, young and more mature people in our community. You can just dip in and dip out; you don’t have to do something every single week, just if the theme stimulates you to write down your memories or your thoughts.

“Week one was ‘lockdown’. We had some great writing, which I shared with you last week, and there’s still writing coming in on that one. And last week’s theme was ‘the greeting’; lots of conversations have taken place, because lots of us have been around and been at home. We may have spoken to people (or things!) that we probably haven’t spoken to before  – and I’m going to share a couple of pieces of writing from this week, one being a conversation with a clock kit! It’s very entertaining. The other is a letter between a very young person living in the community to a more mature person also living in the community.

“I’m going to put lots of this writing on the board in Joy’s garden. So do go along and have a look at what’s being shared. Also enjoy what you’re sharing or doing yourselves if you’re keeping it for your personal reference.

“OK – task three this week is a phrase for you to continue, and it’s simply: ‘in my street’, or ‘down my road’. You continue and thank you for sharing the writing. Enjoy!”

Your writing can be:

  • Emailed to Kay at hello@queen-ediths.info
  • Left in the book exchange box at Joy’s Garden in Baldock Way
  • Posted in the letterbox at 301 Hills Road
  • …or just kept for yourself!

Watch the video above!

Any questions? Email Kay Blayney at hello@queen-ediths.info