Queen Edith’s Walks – No.3: The Suburban Tree Walk

The Queen Edith’s Community Forum has published a free, 32-page booklet called “Summer in Queen Edith’s”, with local walks and activities for all the family.

This is one of a number of walks produced as part of the Summer in Queen Edith’s booklet in July 2020. You can find out more here about the booklet and the other walks and activities in it.

Click the map for a printable version.

This walk was produced by the Friends of Rock Road Library in 2019.

Over recent years, Cambridge City Council has pursued an active tree-planting programme and there are now more than 240,000 trees around the city: Trees benefit our city by making it a more attractive and healthy place to live and travel through. They reduce the worst effects of sun, wind, and rain; screen out noise and air pollution while improving the appearance of an area and can play a significant part to increase biodiversity and reduce the impact of climate change.

Criteria for inclusion of trees on this walk were:
– common native species that everyone should know
– attractive trees suitable for small gardens
– trees that are especially beneficial to wildlife
– magnificent and unusual specimens

Many trees are protected by ‘Tree Preservation Orders’ (TPO) – that make it a criminal offence to cut down, lop or wilfully damage the tree. We have tried to ensure that all the information in the walk is correct, and we are extremely grateful for the advice of Matthew Magrath, Senior Arboricultural officer at Cambridge City Council. Friends of Rock Road Library hope that the walk will inspire you to plant a new tree – for advice, see here. Please let FRRL know by e-mail if you spot any inaccuracies, have any questions or can tell us more about any of the trees on the route.

Before you go: