Summer in Queen Edith’s, 2020

The Queen Edith’s Community Forum has published a free, 32-page booklet called “Summer in Queen Edith’s”, with local walks and activities for all the family.


Sam Davies, the Community Forum Chair and author of the booklet, writes: “Many of the activities and opportunities which are usually available to local families won’t be happening this year. That’s why we’ve produced this booklet, using a different theme for each of the six weeks of the summer holidays, to help stimulate you and maybe introduce you to some parts of our area with which you weren’t previously familiar. The walks are for all ages!

“The inspiration for the six themes – and support for the booklet – comes from the writing of local author Rob Macfarlane. We’d love to see what you make and do in response to these suggestions – send us a photo or a video clip, write us a message, or paint us a picture and we will post them here on the website.”

Where to get Summer in Queen Edith’s

Copies of the free booklet can be picked up at the following locations from Saturday 25 July 2020:

  • In a box outside St James Church, Wulfstan Way
  • In a box outside St John The Evangelist Church, Cherry Hinton Road
  • In the book exchange box at Joy’s Garden, Baldock Way
  • The Coffee House, Wulfstan Way
  • Cambridge Cookery, Purbeck Road
  • Go Glass, Cherry Hinton Road
  • Balzano’s, Cherry Hinton Road

Not able to get a copy? You can also read the booklet online here. If you want to do any of the walks, see below for additional information which is not in the booklet. The descriptions of the walks on the pages below are also accompanied by a larger map that you may want to print out at home.

Individual walk descriptions