The Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub

Most Queen Edith’s residents will be surprised to learn just how many people in the neighbourhood stretch to make ends meet, even in normal times. At the moment, however, it’s clear that even more are ‘going without’. The Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub is a local effort where neighbours can show their support for each other. It offers free food and supplies for any local households in need.

Why was it set up?
Many local families have found themselves in need of food support this year, but are not able to visit regular Food Banks for some reason.

How does it work?
Anyone in need is welcome to attend, with no questions asked. Just turn up and help yourself to what you need. We’ve been visited by several hundred different families and households of all sizes.

When does it take place?
Every Saturday morning, between 10.30am and 12noon, at St James Church, Wulfstan Way.

Who organises it?
A team of 30–40 volunteers, helping out on a rota basis.

Can I help?
The Food Hub relies entirely on donations of goods and money from the community. Many thousands of pounds have been raised so far. More details of how to contribute or volunteer are below.

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