Queen Edith's Community Forum

The Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub

Most Queen Edith’s residents will be surprised to learn just how many people in the neighbourhood stretch to make ends meet, even in normal times. At the moment, however, it’s clear that many more are ‘going without’. The Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub is a new local effort where neighbours can show their support for each other.

The first ever Community Food Hub had a smooth and successful launch on Saturday 9 May. Making it happen was a fantastic achievement, which shows what the community can do when it comes together, and the intention is that it becomes something that continues for as long as there’s a need.

The Food Hub has been organised by the Queen Edith’s ‘Happy To Help’ team, which includes the Queen Edith’s Community Forum, our local parish churches of St James and St John, and many, many local volunteers. The Hub will run every Saturday morning from 10:30am to 12:30am, at St James Church on Wulfstan Way. Access is open to all – the team thinks it’s important that anyone can just turn up with a shopping bag to fill, and nobody feels they have to ‘prove’ a need.

The grocery items available are a combination of staples funded by a Cambridge City Council grant, and generous donations from local retailers. In the first week, the organisers were bowled over with an amazing contribution from the amazing New Winfield Oriental Supermarket on Wulfstan Way, and help from the excellent Cambridge Fruit Co. In all, there was over 250kg of food available, and our visitors took away over 100kg, with nearly all the rest being stored for next week or passed on to the Cherry Hinton Food Hub taking place that afternoon. Indeed, the team were really pleased that it was almost a ‘zero waste’ operation!

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