The South Cambridgeshire General Election Candidates

The General Election took place on Thursday 4 July 2024. Here are the candidates who stood for the South Cambridgeshire constituency.

Chris Carter-Chapman, Conservative Party

Photo of Chris Carter-Chapman

I am truly honoured to have secured the South Cambridgeshire nomination and would like to thank local members for placing their trust in me. It is a huge responsibility and a great privilege, particularly as I am standing to represent the area in which I spent much of my childhood and in which I have made my home. When I used to help out on my grandfather’s farm in Comberton during the school holidays, I never dreamt I would have the opportunity to support our hard-working farmers right across the constituency.

Between now and the general election, I will be out knocking on doors and speaking to local people about the issues that really matter to them. We have an array of complex and pressing challenges to attend to. There is real anger towards the regressive tax that is the Cambridge Congestion Charge, a charge that will hit the most vulnerable in our community the hardest. This is in conjunction with South Cambs District Council’s 4-day working week, on full pay, whilst service levels fall. It is deeply unfair to residents who have already been hit hard by yet another council tax rise. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have shown the magnitude of their indifference to the views of local people and I am concerned by the degree to which this would intensify should they gain the keys to Number 10.

I would like to thank Anthony Browne and Lucy Frazer (who were the MPs covering the new South Cambridgeshire Constituency), for championing so many local causes that I know matter to residents. This constituency is one of the most beautiful parts of the country and I will fight hard to ensure I can represent the area in which I went to school, in which I live and in which my family have made their homes.

Harrison Edwards, Reform UK Party

The Reform Party were contacted for a biography and photograph but have not so far responded.

Miranda Fyfe, Green Party

Photo of Miranda Fyfe

I have lived and worked in Cambridgeshire for over 30 years, twenty of those living in Romsey, before moving a few miles down the road to Stapleford in 2011, where I have seen our son right through the local primary and secondary schools. Always a very active member of our village community: from the school PTA committee to being treasurer of the local tennis club, I’m well known for my attention to detail and for getting things done.

Previously an NHS manager for ten years – working first in acute care at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and then for NHS Cambridgeshire on a project to improve provision of End of Life care – I value our public sector and experienced first-hand the disruption and chaos following Andrew Lansley’s top-down reorganisation after the 2010 election. I also worked for ten years as the one-woman support officer for local charity the Magog Trust, who own and manage Magog Down: I know that those wonderful wildflower meadows and unrivalled views of the area will be familiar and very precious to many of my fellow constituents, especially those in Queen Edith’s.

I joined the Green Party to try and help bring about real change in the way our country is run, since all the other political parties fail to adequately address the huge environmental challenges we face. Locally, I feel that the obsessive focus on ‘Growth’ at all costs must be challenged if we are to protect our environment and our waterways, and enhance our communities.

James Gordon, Independent

Photo of James Gordon

An Omnium survey published in April 2024 revealed that 57 per cent of voters would consider voting independent and 48 per cent said expected to be disappointed by the mainstream political parties after the 2024 election.
The Government spends about £1.2 trillion each year (which is more than it raises in tax). That equates to over £40,000 per household or over £10,000 per person.
MPs should do everything in their power to make sure that the money is fairly raised from all taxpayers and wisely spent.
I have never voted for any candidates from any of the five main parties. However, I think that there are people with talents in all political parties and each of the main parties has some good ideas, values and beliefs.
MPs ought to work for the median national wage (about £32,000 rather than £91,000). I would.

Pippa Heylings, Liberal Democrat Party

Photo of Pippa Heylings

Pippa grew up in Hull but has lived in South Cambs with her family since 2012. She quickly became involved in community life, volunteering to help the girls football, and eco-sustainability groups. In 2018 she was elected to South Cambridgeshire District Council. As co-chair of the local COVID-19 coordination team, she helped to foster a strong sense of community and resilience in our villages.

Pippa’s commitment to community service was fostered at a young age, supporting her GP Dad on his rounds. She saw quickly the importance of a strong, well funded NHS and safety nets for the most vulnerable in society. Growing up, she developed a passion for the environment, and she has spent 20 years working internationally to help reduce poverty and tackle climate change. Her career as a mediator has seen her work with national governments and the UN on some of the world’s most complex environmental challenges.

Luke Viner, Labour Party

Photo of Luke Viner

My name is Luke Viner, and I’m the Labour candidate for South Cambridgeshire, my home for my entire professional life. I live in Fulbourn, where I am a Parish Councillor, and work in Cambridgeshire’s thriving tech and security sector.

I am proof that a Labour government brings opportunity and changes lives. I went to school under the last Labour government, where class sizes were under 30, teachers were valued, and schools were well funded. I was able to pursue a passion for music, and learned to play the trumpet. I now play in the Cambridge Wind Band, a local orchestra.

I got involved in politics because every day I experience the same issues our residents do: the rising cost of housing, struggling to find an NHS dentist, and a lack of rural buses. I’ve knocked on thousands of doors across our beautiful constituency, and I’ve been struck by the hunger for a positive alternative. This is our chance to change South Cambridgeshire. We need an MP that can work with the next government to bring about that change through a mission-led programme, to help restore trust, and get Britain its future back.

It’s important that an MP understands the issues concerning local people. I firmly believe that an MP should not only represent, but also collaborate with their local community, so I am very much looking forward to hearing about the issues that concern you in Queen Edith’s.