Turo in Queen Edith's

Turo arrives in Cambridge

The world’s largest car sharing marketplace arrives in Queen Edith’s. Share your car and typically earn over £500 per month.

What is Turo?

Turo is the world’s largest car sharing marketplace. Car owners share their cars when not using them, earning an average of £574 a month. Verified users can then book these cars, with the average Turo car being both cheaper and closer than existing traditional car rental solutions.

As part of Turo’s Cambridge launch, all Queen Edith’s residents will receive a bonus £100 once they list their car and complete their first trip on the platform.

Why Cambridge?

  • Cambridge is in the bottom 8th percentile of car ownership rates by local authorities.
  • Parking is a huge problem for residents and businesses alike.
  • The City of Cambridge has consistently shown an openness to innovation and a strong focus on environmentally-friendly initiatives.

The way we use cars in the UK needs to change

  • There are 38 million cars in the UK
  • Cars are idle 94% of the time
  • Parking spaces take up 15-30% of a typical urban area

Turo is changing the economics of car ownership

The average car pays for itself when shared 8 days per month. Average monthly loan payments are £229, and average monthly Turo earnings £574.

Why is Turo better than traditional car rentals?

Price – On average 25% cheaper than traditional car rental.

Selection – Over 600+ makes and models to choose from; guests will receive the exact model they book.

Service – Wherever you are, find a car and book directly from your phone. No need to fill out endless forms or wait in line: all done directly from your App.

Turo in the UK

Turo partners

Turo patrtners

And it’s just the beginning…

  • UK population will rise 3 million in the next decade
  • With the ULEZ zone expansion in 2020 around 3m people are reconsidering their next vehicle

How can you get involved?

  • If you tell someone about Turo and they list their car, we will pay you a £50 bonus.
  • If you list your own car on Turo and complete a trip before 2021, we will pay you a £100 bonus.
  • Together, we can make Cambridge a greener, safer and more convenient place to live in.

Any questions?

For any questions please email uk.community@turo.com