Volunteer roles in the Queen Edith’s Community Forum – Spring 2024

The Queen Edith’s Community Forum is a residents’ group which aims to build a better and brighter Queen Edith’s area. This can either be by organising things directly, by amplifying others’ efforts, or just by informing people of what’s going on.

What QECF currently does and what we need help with

Queen Edith Community Forum Committee

There are currently two members proposed for the new committee – Claire Adler as Chair, and Fiona Goodwille as Treasurer – but we need at least four! We also need:


  1. Take brief minutes at the AGM (2–3 hours a year)
  2. Support Chair and Treasurer to work out problems and to be part of decision making (3–4 days a year in total as and when needed)
  3. Generally help set up and deliver events (optional, as part of the team!)

Events Organiser

  1. Organise and deliver the events set out below (with help from other volunteers)

Other Team Members

  1. Attend occasional meetings
  2. Help deliver the activities below


The Forum’s weekly Queen Edith’s News email newsletter and twice-yearly printed Queen Edith’s magazine need new teams. We have lined up some volunteers to take over the newsletter, but we are not sure about the magazine development, printing and distribution. What we need to continue delivering this will be:

Magazine Editor

  1. Commission articles and chase
  2. Edit articles
  3. Design and layout magazine in e.g. Adobe InDesign
  4. Send magazine to printer

The above probably requires 3–4 days’ work spread over 3–4 weeks, and might typically be 2 or 3 times a year

Magazine Advertising Administrator

  1. Contact previous and potential new advertisers for instructions (no selling involved)
  2. Design any adverts with them if not provided, and get approval
  3. Pass over to editor for inclusion

The above probably requires 1 day’s work spread over 3–4 weeks, and might typically be 2 or 3 times a year

Magazine Distribution Co-ordinator

  1. Print distribution lists
  2. Contact delivery volunteers by email  (we need about 100 from a list of 120 who normally take part) and get commitments
  3. Run distribution tables (1 afternoon, 1 morning)
  4. Mop up delivery rounds from volunteers who don’t show

The above probably requires 2 days’ work spread over 3–4 days, and might typically be 2 or 3 times a year


We currently have three events planned for 2024:

  • AGM (22nd February 2024)
  • Hustings (18th April 2024)
  • Skip Day (September 2024)

In addition, we would like to organise other talks, walks, and any events people want. We need volunteers for all of these, such as someone with public speaking skills to host the hustings. And we always need help with teas and coffees, and to be the friendly face of the Community Forum.

It would also be great to have networking events to keep an overview of the housing, business, hospital and social development around Queen Edith’s. We’d need help to maintain a contact list for the events and be aware of who needs to be invited.

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of the above, please email the Community Forum team at hello@queen-ediths.info